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Some Facts About "Zip Nada Zilch" - ZNZ


ZNZ the Company

ZNZ or Zip Nada Zilch is a company that promotes Fortune 500 company products and offers. Examples of offers available include: Credit Monitoring, VOIP Services, Credit Cards, Discount Clubs, Health Products, Web Hosting, Domain Names and many more.

Who can join ZNZ?

Anyone residing in the USA, United Kindom or Canada can earn cash or prizes for referring customers to these offers. Anyone can become a ZNZ affiliate by completing a required trial offer or purchase. Many are completely free or very little.

How much can you make?

With ZNZ One, each referral that completes a product offer earns you $20.00. ZNZ Big Cash earns $60.00 but requires multiple trial or product offers. With some trial offers no purchase is necessary, allowing you to get started earning money at no cost.  It is possible to earn $1000.00 to $5000.00 a month with ZNZ programs for those who take it seriously and dedicate themselves to becoming a full time online marketer.


Make an easy $100 to $200

ZNZ One - The Easiest ZNZ Program

This option is for those that don't know much about the internet and just want to make a very easy $100 to $200 in a few days.


The easiest way to get referrals.

With ZNZ One, you will make $20.00er referal. With ZNZ Big Cash you make $60.00. Family are your best source for starting out.

Close Friends

Close friends want extra cash too!

Close friends are your next best option when starting out. Just give them your referal link  and get them to join through you.

Facebook Friends.

Some will be interested...

Facebook is also great when starting out. Not as easy as family and friends but always good for 2 or 3 referals.

Family of Friends

Everyone can make some easy money!

And finally try and get your friends to get their family to try out ZNZ.  Make sure to give them your ZNZ referal link.


Full time job with ZNZ

Promote ZNZ full or part time. Here's how you do it...


Start a znz blog or website

There are many ways to promote ZNZ on the internet but the best way to get traffic and sales is with your own Blog or Website. www.wordpress.com will let you setup a blog for free! You then read articles on ZNZ  and learn how it works and then you start writting articles on you own blog. After a few weeks your blog will start getting free traffic from Google. You can then start your own website and register your own domain name. Something with the term ZNZ in the name is very important. You want Google to rank your website high in it's rankingsso people will find it.




Another way to promote your ZNZ referal link is to post ads in classifieds around the internet. Places like: www.craigslist.org - www.backpage.com - www.gumtree.com - www.oodle.com www.usfreeads.com - www.classifiedads.com - www.inetgiant.com - adpost.com


Just spend a few hours a day posting your catchy ad and watch your referals roll in.


ZNZ For Beginners

Just 4 Basic steps to making money with Zip Nada Zilch.


Clink on a ZNZ Link and Join ZNZ.

Just ad your email in the box and submit it. It's that simple.



Find a Procuct or Service you Like.

Chose something you really like. Some offers are totally free but you must cancel them before your free period expires. Don't forget!


Now Get Other People to Join Through Your Referal Link.

Start with family and friends and then if you want to make this a business you can statr a blog and website.


When They Try a Product or Service You Get Cash or a Prize.

There are the four steps in making money with ZNZ. It's really not that complicated at all. It's a great way to make money with little effort and no cost to get started.


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Start making cash and prizes today!

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